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Joanne Musa

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Find Out How You Can Get An Expert Tax Lien and Tax Deed Agent to Work For You!! 


Illiniois has the highest return for tax liens in the industry with a default rate of 18% per 6 months - or 36% per year. But these rates typically are bid down lower each each year at the tax, and it's difficult for individual investors to get those high returns. Charles Sells of PIP-West has averaged over 30% a year for his clients at the Illinois tax sales. Find out he does it and how you can have him work for you.

The Redeemable Deed state of Georgia also boast high returns, 20% per year. How does it work, how much money do you need to get started and how can you have someone do it all for you, from soup to nuts? Join us

Wednesday March 27 at 8:30pm

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