Attention Tax Lien Investors:

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU To
Effortlessly Manage, Track, and PROFIT From
Investing in Tax Lien Certificates...
Without Being Tied Down to Your Computer All Day!
(Even If You're Not Computer Savvy)

Here are just a few of the ways you can Save Time:

Order and download tax sale lists from LienSource right from inside the program

Know just how much premium you can pay for a property and still make the profit that you want

Generate Affidavits with one click of your mouse

Print pre-foreclosure letters

Know just how profitable your tax lien portfolio is at any time

... and LOTS more!



From The Desk Of The Tax Lien Lady

Re: Streamline Your Tax Lien Investing with Tax Lien Manager™

Dear Friend,

Is managing your tax lien portfolio a chore? Did you ever forget to pay subsequent taxes before the next tax sale and have to redeem a subsequent lien from someone else? Or have you lost track of one of your tax lien certificates and lost money because you didn't have proof of the subsequent taxes that you had paid? Have you been the successful bidder on a property only to find out later that the property that you thought had a house on it was actually only a driveway or backyard? Have you ever gotten carried away at a tax sale and paid too much premium for a property? You can avoid all this with Tax Lien Manager, the software that helps you track your tax liens and automates the whole process of investing in tax lien certificates for you.

How Would You Like To Be Able To:

Know how much premium you can pay for a tax lien and still make the profit that you want at the touch of a button.

Easily download detailed tax sale lists with assessment information so that you know if a property has a building on it or not.

Have contact information at your fingertips for every municipal tax collector or county treasurer.

View a calendar that lets you know when the tax sales are that you plan to attend plus when taxes are due and when the redemption period is over for your liens.

Cut down the time you spend managing your tax liens so that you can spend more time doing the things you love to do.

Store due diligence information and photos of your tax lien properties.

Generate Pre-foreclosure letters with the click of your mouse.


Introducing Tax Lien Manager™

Tax Lien Investing Software Now Customized
for Arizona, Florida, Indiana, South Carolina, Nassau County NY and for New Jersey!

Tax Lien Manager™ is A PROVEN System That Lets "Non-Techies" Manage, Track, and Profit Like a Pro From Your Tax Lien Investing Portfolio...

What we offer is a complete system whereby you can easily manage your tax lien portfolio and your entire tax lien investing business. This is not just about tracking your liens but about automating all of the things that you have to do in your tax lien investing business to insure that your investments are profitable.

That's what we're offering... a complete system that simplifies the business of investing in tax lien certificates and managing your tax lien portfolio for Arizona, Indiana, South Carolina, Nassau Co. New York, New Jersey or Florida as well as many more resources to help you get tax sale lists, do due diligence, calculate just how much you can pay for your liens and still make a decent profit, send affidavits to tax collectors, send out pre-foreclosure letters, and do it quickly, easily, and without a lot of technical "know-how."

I've been using Tax Lien Manager for 10 years now, and I've found it to be indispensable in my tax lien investing business, saving me time and money, by automating a lot of the work involved. DataVentures I LLC, the creators of TLM have been constantly adding to it, tweaking it, and making it better. This past year we have offered TLM for sale to a select group of investors that have given us feedback that we have used to improve it even more.

With Tax Lien Manager™ you have the benefit of using the resources that I have discovered when I first started investing in tax lien certificates in New Jersey.

But, hang on a second. By now you're probably wondering...

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to Me?

Great question... let me introduce myself...

I'm Joanne Musa, also known online as The TaxLienLady.

I'm the creator of the web site and the Tax Lien Investing Tips blog.

I'm also the author of Tax Lien Lady's e-books, Tax Lien Investing Secrets: How You Can Buy Tax Lien Certificates in New Jersey and Other States and Tax Lien Lady's State Guide to Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing, as well as various courses on Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing and numerous articles about investing in tax liens and deeds in different states around the country.

I've been investing in tax liens in New Jersey and in other states for over 10 years, both for myself and for other investors. I've also trained others in how to do due diligence and bid at tax sales in New Jersey, and I've educated investors around the world on tax lien investing.

For the past four years I have used Tax Lien Manager™ to manage my tax lien investing business, and to manage my client's tax lien portfolio.

Now let me take you for a closer look at Tax Lien Manager™

Tax Lien Manager™

The Ultimate System For Managing Your Tax Lien Investing Portfolio!

The Calendar

The Calendar

Download tax sale lists from LienSource and import them into your computer from the Calendar screen or from the Sales/Property List screen. This allows you to schedule your tax sales.

Avoid loosing interest by missing subsequent tax payments because the calendar tells you when you can pay subsequent taxes for each quarter.

Know when the redemption period is over for each of your liens because it shows up on the calendar.

The Secrets of Using Tax Lien Manager™ to Win
Profitable Tax Liens at Tax Sales in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Nassau County New York, New Jersey, and South Carolina!

The Sale Property List

Manage all of your tax lien investing activities ...From Start To Finish!

When you download and import a tax sale list from LienSource, you get all the assessment information on the properties. To see the detail for any property on the list just click on the View button.

DON'T buy a tax lien without doing due diligence. With TLM you can print out a Due Diligence Report to take with you to look at the properties.

Don't buy a tax lien certificate on a property with environmental contamination. With our link each states environmental website, you can check to see if any of the tax sale properties are known contaminated sites right from TLM. That way you can greatly reduce your risk of buying a lien on a property with a problem!

Calculate how much you can pay for a lien to make the return that you want at the click of a button even if you're totally bad with numbers. TLM does is for you. It will calculate just how much premium you can pay if you want to make 4, 5, or 6% on your tax lien based on the assumption that it will be held for at least one year and that you will pay the subsequent taxes when they are due. No more guessing about how much premium you should pay for a lien!

And you can generate a Bidding Form to take with you to the sale so that your bottom numbers for each property are in front of you at the sale. There is even room to write in how much the lien sold for and who bought it. All of this information can also be stored in TLM. 

Tell TLM what you bought at the sale buy clicking on the Purchase Lien button and the lien will automatically be added to your current liens list.  You can then store all the information about your lien including a picture of the property and TLM will track your lien for you. 

See How Easy it is to Keep Track of
all of Your Liens With Tax Lien Manager™

The Lien Property Information Screen

Track all of your expenses for your lien, including the amount you paid at the sale (certificate amount), filing fee, subsequent tax payments, title search fees, and lawyer and court fees for foreclosure. TLM will use all this to calculate your profit when the lien redeems or is foreclosed.

Automatically generate and Print a County Filing Letter to send in to the County Clerk along with your certificate for recording all with the click of your mouse. TLM populates the letter with the correct information, and if you have more than one tax lien certificate for a county, TLM will list them all in one letter.

Print a Taxes Due Request letter to send to the Tax Collector requesting the amount of subsequent taxes that you can pay on your tax lien

Print an Affidavit to the Tax Collector for any subsequent taxes, filing fees, or other reimbursable expenses that you pay for your tax lien. You won't loose money on any of your liens because you didn't send in an affidavit! 

Address your envelopes to the tax collector effortlessly with one click of your mouse using the Tax Collector ? Envelopes button.

Quickly calculate the redemption amount of your lien for any date you choose and check this with the amount that the tax collector gives you. This way you are sure to get the right amount and not loose some of your profit because the tax collector forgot to add in one of your subsequent payments or your premium.

Print a "Redemption Letter" to the tax collector to send in with your tax lien certificate with just one click of your mouse.

When the redemption period is over and it's time to start foreclosure proceedings, you can print out a Title Search Request letter to send to your title search company and keep track of when you sent it.

Print an Intent to Foreclose Letter to send to the owner of the property and all other lien holders before you send everything to an attorney. We call this the "Rattle the Cage" letter; it will save you attorney fees! Many properties will redeem once the owner receives this letter, saving you attorney fees. Your attorney would do the same thing before starting foreclosure procedures and charge you for it!

Keep track of the pertinent information about foreclosure; the date that you sent it to your attorney, the attorney file number, and the foreclosure date.

The Lien Menu

There are 5 different ways you can view your tax liens.  You can view all of your current liens, just your pending redemptions, your redeemed liens, just your pending foreclosures, or properties that are in bankruptcy.

The Current Lien screen shows the important information for all of your current liens. If you want to see the detail screen for any of the properties, just click on the view button. To change any of the detail information use the change button.

You can calculate the redemption amount for any date from this screen. You can also change the date and recalculate the redemption amount.

You can print a Taxes Due Request letter for any of your liens from this screen.

Reports You Can Use Now
To Keep Your Tax Lien Investing Portfolio Profitable...

The Report Menu

Reports that REALLY help YOU to be competitive and profitable investing in Tax Liens!

Report #1 Competitor Acquisitions

With TLM you can keep track of what your competitors are paying for tax liens! Then you can print a report by competitor to see exactly what they paid at every sale that you went to (In order to take advantage of this report, you will have to record this information at the sales that you attend and enter it into TLM).

We have even populated a list of competitors that are familiar to us in the areas that we bid and you can ad competitors to the list as they appear at the tax sales you attend.

All you need to do to generate this report is choose the name of a competitor from a drop down list and enter a date range that you want the information for.  

Report #2 County Contact List

Just choose a county from a dropdown list and get a printable report with all contact information for that county.

Get all of the contact information that you need for every tax collector in any county and the county clerk in one report!

In addition to the contact information this report also gives you the tax rate for every municipality in the county.

Report  #3 Current Liens Reports

Print a variety of reports for different combinations of your current tax lien portfolio. You can group your liens by type of property, or by county and municipality. You can even define your own groups to separate your portfolio.

You can get a detailed report that lists information for each lien, or a summary by property class, county/municipality, or some group that you define.

Sort your liens by assessed value, certificate number, date acquired, or property address. You can even filter your liens by a variety of factors!

Calculate the accrued interest for your current tax lien portfolio for any date!

You can also get a report that gives you the status of each of your liens from this screen.

Report #4 Redeemed Liens Reports

From this screen you can generate a variety of reports for your redeemed liens. Just as with your current lien reports you can list your redeemed liens by type of property, county and municipality or your own defined group, and get a detailed report or summary of the profitability of your liens.

This report will give you your profit, and yield for all of your redeemed liens.

You can sort your liens by certificate number, date acquired, or property address, and filter your liens by property class (type), county and municipality, or your own defined group.

You can even export your report to Microsoft Word or Excel.

Report #5 Title Search Report

This report lets you see all of the title searches that you have in progress or all of the title searches that you have ordered from any title company that you select (to use the drop down menu on this screen you have to put in the contact information for of the title search companies that you use into TLM).

You can list the results by county and municipality, or by title search company. 

Because Tax Lien Manager? is so new, not many people have had a chance to use it but ....

Here's What A Serious and Seasoned Tax Lien Investor Who Jumped at the Chance to Purchase This Awesome Tax Lien Management Software When It was First Offered to a Select Group of Investors Has to Say About Tax Len Manager?

"Tax Lien Manager™ is more user friendly and easier to use than the software that we used to use to manage our sizable tax lien portfolio. I would recommend Tax Lien Manager to other NJ tax lien investors. It's very easy to use, has great customer support and was designed for the NJ tax lien industry."

David Farber, Managing Partner, ProCap Investments

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Bonus #1: Tax Lien Lady's Step-by-Step Guide: How to do Due Diligence for Tax Lien Sales This 9 page report will take you though step by step how to do due diligence for tax liens, including where to get tax sale lists. It even comes with a checklist that you can use to make sure that you don't forget anything!
Value: $19.95

Bonus #2: Tax Lien Lady's Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get Ready for Your First Tax Sale This step by step guide take you through everything you need to do to get ready to go to your first tax sale. Even if you've never been to a tax sale before, you'll be prepared with this report. There is a checklist with a time line at the end of the report to keep you on track!
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Bonus #3: Recording of a Webinar Training on Tracking Your Tax Lien Portfolio - 30 minutes of tax lien investing coaching with the Tax Lien Lady to  for your tax lien investing.
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Happy and Prosperous Investing!

Joanne Musa, The Tax Lien Lady

P.S. This is your best chance to get the time saving tax lien management system designed specifically for each of the above states and get "how to" information from the "The Tax Lien Lady" at the same time...all at an unbelievably low price. If you're an experienced investor, I know that you'll find this software indispensable to your tax lien investing business. With Tax Lien Manager, you'll know exactly how profitable your tax lien investing portfolio is all the time and you'll be able to effortlessly keep track of all of your liens.If you're new at tax lien investing, you'll have all the resources that you need at your fingertips and you'll be able to start investing like a pro. Either way, you'll never have a better opportunity than this! Click Here To Order Now

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