Contact the TaxLienLady and let’s talk about how you can be successful at tax lien and tax deed investing!

I love getting e-mails about:

  • Questions regarding my services or products (I’ll respond immediately)
  • Testimonials and your own results  (Tell me what’s working for you)
  • Ideas and resources related to tax liens or tax deeds
  • Suggestions for improvement (about anything)
  • Questions about specific challenges you are facing.

Did you get dropped off the Tax Lien Tips subscriber list or my Tax Lien Secrets e-course? First check your spam filters and make sure your ISP is accepting email from me. Then E-mail me and let us know.

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Tax Lien Consulting LLC
10 Adam Labar Rd
East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

Toll Free: 866-630-3371


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