One-On-One Tax Lien Investing Consultation  

Sometimes even investors with some experience need a little helping hand. Imagine tapping into the mind of someone who’s been investing for more than 10 years, and helped others profit from investing in tax liens and tax deeds for the last 10 years as well. Someone who’s not only interviewed but also spent time in person with some of the top tax lien investing agents and fund managers and investors in the country. Each time I meet one of them I learn something new about the industry and pass it on to my students.

Imagine bringing that information to the table to help you with your personal investing. Visualize being able to tap into the brain of someone known for her simple knowledge and understanding of the business of tax lien investing coupled with a “tell it like it is” honesty and strait forwardness. Picture connecting with someone who could introduce you to the resources and tools to make your investing easier and more profitable.

What would that be worth to you in time savings? Increased profit? Money saved by not spending it on the programs that don’t work and just collect dust on your self, or going to seminars where you don’t get any information that really helps you move forward? Tap into that mind with a 50 minute in-person consultation with The Tax Lien Lady Here are just a few of the things that I could help you with in a 50 minute live consultation:

  • Find the best place for you to invest
  • Find the best strategy for you
  • Help you filter a tax sale list
  • Help you do due diligence on tax sale properties
  • Find the tax sale information
  • determine how much bid on properties
  • and the list goes on…


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50-Minute Consult with Joanne for $297