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On Wednesday December 6, 2017

8:30pm Eastern /5:30pm Pacific /6:30pm Mountain /7:30pm Central

“How to Avoid the Mistakes

Tax Lien Investors Make

That Will Eat Your Time & Profit”

with Joanne Musa, the Tax Lien Lady

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Joanne Musa, the Tax Lien Lady

Joanne Musa, The Tax Lien Lady

This is another live webinar in our “Wealth Building Webinars” Series, the live training is free but in order to get the replay, or subsequent webinars in this series you will have to join our Wealth Building Webinar community. But don’t worry, enrollment is less than what is costs for a daily cup of coffee each month and will help you to finally take control of your finances.

If You…

Want to invest in tax liens but don’t know how to get started

Bought the wrong liens and didn’t make money

Want to learn the truth about tax lien investing without the hype

This Training Is For You!

Please join me for this live training in this series for Free,  Wednesday night December 6, at 8:30pm Eastern Time. In this training you’ll learn:

  • Why investing in OTC or leftover liens isn’t profitable
  • How paying premium for liens is profitable in some states and not in others
  • The wrong way to buy secondary tax liens
  • Why small liens might not be profitable
  • And more…

The live training is free, but you need to enroll in Wealth Building Webinars in order to get the replay. Get the details on Wealth Building Webinars at

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