Replay of 2 Part Webinar Training with Equity Trust Company and the Tax Lien Lady


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  Create True Wealth Investing in Tax Liens with your Self Directed IRA Part I

In part 1 of this informative training Mr. Kelly of Equity Trust Company went over how you can increase your returns on tax lien investing using a self-directed IRA. And he laid out the process of opening and funding your account. Click on this link to listen to the replay:

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You can invest in almost anything with a truly self directed IRA including tax liens and tax deeds.  Equity Trust Company allows you to take advantage of the wealth creating benefits of self directed IRAs (tax free profits and large tax deductions) investing in what you know.

"Opening my tax lien self directed IRA has been the best thing I've done with my IRA funds.  I've made more money in tax liens in two years than I've made investing in mutual funds in five years!!"

Marianne Beck
Boca Raton, Florida

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 Create True Wealth Investing in Tax Liens with your Self Directed IRA Part II

Now's the time to reap the rewards and utilize your Self Directed IRA to invest in Tax Liens.  Discover valuable information and resources to help you create true wealth with your a Self Directed IRA.  

          7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Tax Liens
          What Can you Really Expect
          Real Life Examples
          My 7- Step Process for Investing
          Your Next Steps

Click Here for the Replay of Part II




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