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7 Steps to Building Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio

By Joanne Musa

There are seven steps that you need to follow in order to build a profitable portfolio of tax lien certificates or tax deeds. Regardless of which state you are investing in and whether you are investing in liens or deeds, you need to take these same seven steps. The details of how you accomplish each step may change depending on which state you are investing in and whether you are investing in tax lien certificates, tax deeds, or redeemable tax deeds, but the seven steps remain the same. In this article I will outline these steps and give you a brief description of each one. more...


Tax Lien Investing: Are You Ready to Get Started?

By Joanne Musa

I noticed that many people that come to me to learn about tax lien investing don’t really have an understanding of what is involved. They under estimate two things – the amount of money needed to invest in tax lien certificates and the amount of time that is involved in finding profitable tax liens… more...


Tax Lien Investing: Investing Online and by Mail

By Joanne Musa

One of the questions that I frequently get from visitors to my web site,, is “Can I invest in tax lien certificates online or through the mail?” Many people want to invest in tax lien certificates but don’t have the time freedom to physically attend the tax sales, so they want to do it online or by mail. A couple of tax lien states do hold online tax sales, and a few will allow you to mail in your bid. I don’t, however, recommend investing in tax lien certificates by mail or online unless you can look at the properties or have someone else look at them for you. more...


Tax Sales, Tax Certificates, Tax Deeds: Due Diligence Matters!

By Darius M. Barazandeh, J.D., M.B.A.

We have all heard the ‘infomercial’ and the Internet claims regarding tax foreclosed property:

“ You will own the property FREE and CLEAR! ”

  • “ All other liens and interests are WIPED OUT! ”
  • “ You will hold the FIRST PRIORITY security interest! ”
  • “ The Government Guarantees these properties! ”
  • “ All liens, interests, and encumbrances are ERASED! ”
  • “ You can do this part-time with nothing down! ”
  • “ You don ’ t need to set up a company … just get out there and make a deal! ”

While this can make great marketing material it is not in accord with the reality of tax foreclosure purchases. As an attorney, I learned in law school that every rule of law has an exception. Knowing how these exceptions work will mean the difference between success and failure as a real estate investor on the grandest of scales! more...


Is Tax Lien Investing For You?

Tax lien investing used to be something that only the wealthy knew about and took advantage of. For decades it was a little known, high yielding investment vehicle. All of this has changed in the past few years as more and more people become aware of the high yields and minimal risk of investing in tax lien certificates. A lot of people have heard about investing in tax lien certificates but they’re not sure if it’s really something that they can do. Read on to find out if this is an investment vehicle for you. more...


Tax Foreclosure Sales in Texas - Updates To Texas Law!

By Darius M. Barazandeh, J.D., M.B.A.

The 2003 Regular Session of the 78th Texas Legislature passed some changes to tax law as it relates to tax foreclosure sales. These changes were constitutional amendments and can now be found in the Texas Constitution. The majority of these changes will have little effect on your investment strategy and your success.  This is especially true if you follow the techniques provided in my course, Texas Houses for Pennies. more...


Streamline Your Tax Lien Investing Business

If you invest in tax lien certificates, there are certain things that you need to do in order to keep your investment profitable. By automating your business, you won’t miss any deadlines that might reduce your profit on your tax lien portfolio. You must keep track of when you bought your tax lien certificate, when subsequent tax payments are due, and when the redemption period ends. You will also need a system for recording liens with the county, sending out 30 day notices at the end of the redemption period, sending out requests to tax collectors for taxes due and tracking the profitability of your liens. more...


Don’t Buy Tax Lien Certificates Unless You’ve Done Your Homework!

I went to a tax sale yesterday in an out of the way rural municipality in New Jersey. Unlike most of the tax sales in New Jersey this sale was poorly attended. New Jersey is a very competitive state for tax lien investing so this was an uncommon event. more...


What is Premium?

Premium is an amount over and above the tax lien certificate amount that the investor will pay to the municipality to acquire the lien. When premium is paid for a lien, it is not the lowest interest rate that is bid that wins the lien, but rather the highest premium. Premium is not bid in all states that sell liens. In some states the interest rate is bid down and the lien is sold to the investor who bids the lowest percent interest. In other states the interest rate is kept constant while premium is bid for the lien, thus lowering your return on the lien (since in most states no interest is paid on premium). more...


Is Tax Lien Investing Still Profitable?

I get many e-mails from subscribers to my e-course and newsletter about tax lien investing. What most people want to know is; “Is tax lien investing still profitable, is it something that I can do,” and “how do I get started.” In this article I’d like to address the first question, “Is tax lien investing still profitable?” more...




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